Wednesday, 4 January 2012

(20120104) Day 2 Reflections

In a nutshell, these are activities we went through on the 2nd Day of School:
  • Energizers
  • Amazing Race
  • Introduction to Values and 10Cs, and What it means to be a SST students (21st Century Skills)
Based on today's experience, share with us in a video clip no longer than two minutes...
  • Which is the most memorable activity today?
  • How do you feel when you work with your new classmates? Why?
  • Are your classmates co-operative? Why?
Think further...
  • What is your role to play in this community?

Creating and posting your thoughts in the class blog,
  • Record your reflection using PhotoBooth or any alternative means.
  • Upload the clip into Youtube. Remember to set the access to "Unlisted".
  • Copy the hyperlink of the video clip and submit it the to the GoogleForm below this post.

Click HERE to view reflections

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