Saturday, 3 November 2012

Profiling Exercise on Digital Citizenship

Hello Class,

SST is conducting a Profiling Exercise on Digital Citizenship to better understand our students' habits and attitude towards the use of the learning devices at home. 
The profile will be helpful to us when giving advice to parents and students. 
Students will login to the student Googlesite and submit the responses.
Date Due: Wednesday (7 Nov).
Thank you.
Mr. Hiap

Friday, 2 November 2012

Class Activities: Fri, 2 Nov

Hello All,

Things that NEEDS to be done on 2nd November 2012, 8am - 11 am

*Suggested break time: 9:30 am to 10:00 am

  • Ensure that lockers have been cleared out, and cleaned, and left unlocked before 9am. (Nothing inside or on top of lockers; to be left open for visual inspection)
  • Ensure that all the cupboards in the classroom have been cleared out, and cleaned.
  • Ask students to reflect upon the past year / 2 years and to share what they are grateful for in 2012. Click Here to deposit your reflections by 9:30 am before the students go for break. The reflections will be shared during assembly at 11.10am.
  • Return all scripts and awards (Australian Mathematics Competition) if necessary.
  • Remind all students to return all library book
  • Class Bonding Time (Suggested activity, Class Party. FTs please feel free to amend)
  • Ensure that the classroom is clean by 10:45 am. 
  • Classroom cleanliness
    FTs: Please ensure that the classroom is restored to its original clean state before students are dismissed for holidays. Please ensure that the class cupboards are cleared as well.

    Form Teachers please visually check that lockers are cleared of all belongings, and are restored to its original clean state. This is to be completed by Friday 2 Nov. Please do a visual inspection of all the lockers and make sure that they have been emptied of all belongings, and left unlocked.

    11am - 12noon: Final Assembly (Only For Sec 1 + 2s only)
    1100 - 1110 Looking Back (Thomas sort it out jamal) - Photo Montage
    1110 - 1120 2012 Reflections @ SST
    1120 - 1135 Principal’s address
    P may wish to talk about:
    Make full use of the holidays to relax and to unwind
    Take some time to consolidate your learning, as well as to revise and ensure that you are ready for the next year.
    Each new year will bring new challenges, and it’s important that you try to “catch up” - otherwise you’ll be starting the new year behind.
    1135 - 1150 Presentation by S2-09 about appropriate conduct of SST students during holidays
    DM’s talk - SPF advisory
    1. Students to remain vigilant and continue to deter crime.
    2. 2010 Downtown East rioting incident: while rioting/gangsterism etc may seem far-fetched for SST, it is a stark reminder that we should choose our friends carefully and use the holidays wisely
    3. Avoid being victims of crime. Be alert, do not flaunt your valuables and take care of belongings (wallets, LDs etc).
    4. Reminder to be in appropriate attire and grooming when coming back to school during holidays
    1150 - 1200 Testing out sitting arrangement for 2013 (i.e. squeeze Sec 1 + 2s into half the MPH) -
    Facing the stage - Sec 1s on the left, sec 2s on the right, 2 rows per class (register #1-12, followed by #13-24) with an aisle between Sec 1s and Sec 2s.
    1200 - 1201 Announcement - Sec 1s to meet at ISH next Monday by 0840 (in SCHOOL UNIFORM). Next week’s programme is service learning and digipen visit.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Post-Exam Activities T4W8


Leadership training
Time: 9am-1pm
Venue: Classrooms


Apps Development
Time: 8am-1pm
S1-04+S1-05(1-12)-I and E Room
S1-05(13-24)+S1-06-Multipurpose Room 1


Etiquette Workshop
Time: 8am-1pm
Venue: Classrooms

Post-Exam Activities and Announcements

Dear students,
As school will be drawing to a close soon, we would like you to:
1.   (ALL levels) To remove all your belongings from your lockers, and ensure that the locker is clean, by Friday 2 Nov 2012. Your Form Teachers will be doing a visual  check on Friday 2 Nov to ensure that your belongings have been removed from your lockers. All lockers are to be left open.
2.   (All levels) Keep your classrooms clean.  Class Ex-Co: please plan for a class clean-up on Fri 2 Nov.
3.   (Sec 1 & 2) All classes are to submit 5 photos to your respective Form Teachers - this is for the photo montage at the final assembly. For example, class chalet, class BBQ, service learning, something that captures the class spirit for 2012.
4. In addition, we would like to remind you to:
Complete the IT survey.
Sec 1:
5. (Sec 1 & 2) Please be reminded of the post-exam activities and venues today:  

S1-01, S1-02, S1-03
8AM – 1PM: Cultural Camp
(103 CL students and all other students not taking CL – Learning Oasis 1
101 & 102 CL students – Learning Oasis 2)
S1-04, S1-05, S1-06

8AM – 3PM: Project Management
(Assemble at Info Hub)

S1-07, S1-08, S1-09

8AM – 1PM: Apps Development
S1-07 + S1-08 (1-12) - I & E Room
S1-08 (13-24) + S1-09 - Multipurpose Room 1

6.   (Sec 1 and Sec 2). Please be reminded of the activities and venues next week. The attire for the activities is School Uniform (even for Clay Shooting and Bowling
  (All Levels) You may also be aware that SPM is on Thu 1 Nov. Please be reminded to be in your school uniform if you are attending the SPM with your parent(s). 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Post-Exam Activities (Thurs, 25 Oct): Venues

Dear Students, 

Please be reminded that morning assembly will be held in your form classrooms tomorrow (25 Oct). 

After morning assembly (and reading period), the venues are as below:

S1-04, S1-05, S1-06
8AM – 3PM: Project Management
(Assemble at Info Hub after morning assembly)

Monday, 1 October 2012


  1. Math homework 3 & 4
  2. Chinese worksheet
  4. Science transportation & Physics paper
  5. Science Chem ( both papers)
Do take note that there will be no English Listening Paper for the EOY. 

Please get a ziplock bag/ any clear pencil case/ water bottle (clear) before next week starts.

Do start clearing your lockers and ensure that there is space for you to put your bags in. 

I hope this song lifts something off your chests. 

Cope with it, this isn't the end. Don't do anything silly. 

Take this chance to be strong. Take a shot, give it all you got. 

End of Year: Exam Briefing

Hello Class,

In addition to your level-wide briefing at the Multi-Purpose Hall,

I have included a few of my personal exam preparation notes below:

The link for your upcoming exams here.

Exam Briefing
·      If you are unwell, make sure MC provided the next day.
·      Friday: clean-up session
·      Late-comers: allowed to sit for the paper, no extra time will be given
·      Check attendance – strictly no parent’s letter
·      Stationary should be in clear pencil case / Ziplock bag.
  Bring your EZ-Link card as a proof of identification and bring your own stapler. 
Pack your stationary this weekend! Double check all pens in working order.
Arrive SST early! Avoid last minute jitters (peak hour traffic jam, bad weather, breakdowns, etc…)
Go to washroom in advance!
Organise your notes, organise your room – clear distractions, use of files and neatly file your stuff.
Relaxation Techniques – remember to relax, deep breathing, calm music, go for a short jog
Review Techniques – write your own notes (I wrote my own notes and folded the A4-foolscap by half to revise on buses and the MRT.
Target Setting – What are the grades you want to achieve? Set reasonable targets. (Without a target, you are like a rudderless ship.)
Read all instructions of the paper.

Do your best!

Mr. Hiap

Sunday, 23 September 2012


Hey Guys, So I have received an email for you all to participate on this survey, Please do the two surveys before Friday, 28 September 2012. It is not very time consuming and only takes 5 mins.Very much appreciated. Enjoy your day! :D

Stress Survey

Happiness Survey

Eunice Chan

Monday, 10 September 2012

Stress Management

Dear Class,

Each student, please share:
1) class targets that you would like S1-05 to achieve in Term 4.
2) at least one encouraging note meant for S1-05 for the upcoming Year-End Exams
3) at least one study / relaxation / stress management tip that can be used everyday (not repetitions, overlaps).

Thank you.

Mr. Patrick Hiap

The video Mr Hiap showed us today.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

September Holidays Homework

1. Maths Homework 1(Ratio, Rate and Speed)
2. Maths Homework 2 (Expansion and Factorisation)
3. Science Homework (Transport in Humans-Blood and Blood Vessels)
4. Meet up with partner to finish up the Ergonomics part for ADMT Group Design Journal
5. Finish up with I&E Googlesite and CPS Report
6. Download and fill in the IRS Proposal Template form googlesite and make a video presentation
7. Do a digital poster for the S&W Assignment
8. Sign Science Level Test 4 paper
9. Do filing for Science (Biology)
10. Maths Performance Task
11. Revise and go through all the study notes, worksheets, homework etc to prepare for End-of-Year Exam

Please comment if I missed out on any of the homework, thanks! :)

Take care of your body, and do no harm to yourself, to others and to the school.

"Enjoy" your holidays peeps!

Cheers! :D

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


  1. ADMT group work in googledoc, with your assigned group mate
  2. Chinese ( for those who did not finish ) your composition 《一个有趣的朋友》
  3. Maths worksheet ( for those who did not do )
  4. Maths notes Ex 4 and 5
  5. English download and do. Drop in SST server (CAN ONLY BE DONE WHEN YOU ARE IN SCHOOL)
  6. History do your inferences in textboxs in your slides.
  7. I & E group and individual reports
  8. IRS report justification, post the final confirmed report on your OWN IRS blog.
I reckon most of us actually did well according to all our results in all our level tests. It's just disappointing about the fact that we actually could have achieved more. We COULD have. 

In just another month, or rather, 4 weeks (28 days), our END OF YEAR exams (EOY) would have to be taken. Use your time wisely, don't waste much time anymore. We all have the same amount of time each day, each month, each year, but why are other people able to achieve more than us? Because they out their hearts into it. They use their time appropriately. I'm not saying that we all use our time inappropriately, but, perhaps, we could have done something better, than what we have done in the past. September holidays, although quite short, would be a time we can all reflect on a actions. What we could have done better, or what could have been done, and how would you improve from here? It's not too late for those who want to pull up their socks. It's never too late. So make a difference NOW.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Character Education, Fri, 24 Aug - Conflict Resolution

Hello Class,

The link for the film directed by Janet Perlman, an Academy Award-nominated animator here

Storyline: A simple dispute between two small animals grows into a violent struggle that disrupts everyone around them. As they battle over "territory," these two small animals realize that their conflict affects not just them, but their whole environment.

(1) What are the negative consequences of becoming 'stuck' in conflict?  
Negative emotions eg anger, frustration, everyone around (bystanders) get affected, damages self and others (relationship with others).
(2) How could the chameleons have changed the progression of the conflict before it does damage? Cooperate instead of competing.

(3) What is the difference between competition and cooperation in interpersonal relationships?
COMPETING: I Win/You Lose “My way or the highway.”
COOPERATING: I Win/You Win “Let's both try to get what we need!”
Point out that the more they compete, the more they lose!

(4) What are the benefits of cooperation, instead of competition?  
Win-win situation, positive emotions, encouraging

(5) What are the different roles played out in a conflict?  
Disputants, bystanders, mediators
(6) Can you identify the 'disputers', 'mediator', 'bystanders' and 'mediators' in the film?

Friday, 24 August 2012

Monday, 27 August Timetable

Hello All,

Timetable times for Mon, 27 August is as follows:
0905 - 0935: Character Education
0945 - 1045: Integrated Humanities (Level Test)
1045 - 1130: Break
1130 - 1210: Lesson
1210 - 1250: Lesson
1250 - 1330: Lesson
1330 - 1410: Lesson

Bring all your subject materials as per normal Monday's timetable.

Look out for your Sports & Wellness Assignment that will be posted on the Sec 1-05 S&W Blog on Monday. Date due: Term 4, Week 1.

All the best!

Mr. Patrick Hiap

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Class Photo Order List

Hello! Attached below is the class photo order list. Check if its correct. Please bring the money on Tuesday. Inform me earlier if you want to make any changes. Study hard people! We're awesome! :D

Friday, 17 August 2012

Level Test 4 Schedule (updated)

Hello All,

The schedule for Level Test 4 is as follows:

Time: 0745 to 0845hrs
Venue: S1-05 Classroom

Wed, 22: Math
Thurs, 23: Science
Fri, 24: English
Mon, 27: Integrated Humanities

Lessons will resume from the first period after the Level Test. So do pack your bags as per normal. Each lesson time will be reduced by 5 minutes to accommodate this arrangement.

Manage your time wisely during the upcoming long weekend! Put aside your distractions (e.g. laptop for non-study purposes, novels, etc...), have a study plan and remember to get enough rest.

All the Best!

Mr. Patrick Hiap

PS: Do check your Sports and Wellness blog (here) by Friday for your upcoming 'Health and Wellness' digital poster assignment.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Term 3, Week 8: Handball

Hello All,

By now, you should have watched at least a Men's / Women's Handball Olympic match.

To recap, the techniques learnt are: Passing (one-handed), Catching (two-handed), Dribbling (less dribbling, more passing is better for team attack).

Individual skills: Running to space by changing speed AND direction.

*Skill is technique applied in the game.
** Strategy is a tactic applied in the game.

All teams are to have their team name and select a Captain and V. Captain.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


  1. Chinese Performance Task to be submitted by next Friday.
  2. Chinese composition, refer to template given by Chinese Teacher.
  3. Complete pg 12 of Science worksheet, you should go to the link provided for information.
  4. Geography spreedsheet, fill in your details and answer the question Mr Yeo posted.
  5. English Exam Composition Corrections
  6. Your history homework that was suposed to be dued today. Should be handed up on tomorrow morning.
ENGLISH ORAL EXAM is on MONDAY for reg 1-11, and TUESDAY for reg 12-22.
SCIENCE BIOLOGY PRACTICAL TEST is on THURSDAY.  (Revise pg 5 and 6 of Science worksheet)

Friday, 3 August 2012

47th Singapore National Day: “Loving Singapore, Our Home”

Hello S1-05, 
After viewing the video, let's think about:
1. How can we make our classroom our home?
2. How can we become closer friends?
3. How can we be succeed together as a class?
Each student to answer the three questions above.
Post up your comments to this thread. Comments are non-judgemental and positive in nature. 

You can view the video, "The Long Ride Home" here

Do view previous National Day parades by typing in Youtube search. 

Have an appreciation of how far Singapore has progressed and how we should not take things for granted.

Share with the class if there are any videos about National Education worth watching. 

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Items to bring for Character Education Lesson

Hello All,

Each student to bring
1 x old rags (like old cut-up t-shirt),
2) 1 x paint brushes
3) Any materials deemed to be suitable for painting on Monday for Character Education lessons on Monday.

If you bring it on Friday (tomorrow), the items are to be neatly stored in the cabinets beside the window.

The items will be used for CE lesson next week.

The Sports & Wellness poster assignment on 'Fitness' and 'Wellness will also be announced next Monday!

Mr. Hiap

Friday, 27 July 2012

kay guyss, today only work is Math the Coordinates and Linear Graphs worksheet :D Rejoice! Dance~Dance~Dance~ so yea enjoy the end of your Test :) now in SS ._. haizzz

Monday, 23 July 2012


1. ADMT Challenges faced by the Elderly Mindnote, first page of biodata
2.I&E Googledoc understanding the challenges , individual. Your group's own challenge ahh .

That's all for today. Enjoy muggin' for Chinese . GOODLUCK ~

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Homework for 18/7/12

(3rd time)

Homework for 18 july:
ADMT: Finish up design journal if not miss wong will kill you.
Science: Touch up on presentation from the first 4 groups.

Comment if i missed anything. Have fun doing homework! >:)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Homework for 17/7/12

1. Complete Math Simple Equations In One Unknown (Chpter 6) Worksheet
2.Science Worksheet:Cells-Structure, Functions and Organisation Pg 8 & 9( the parts and functions of microscope)
3.Science Homework:Cells-Structure, Functions and Organisation Due on Thursday
NOTE that the two science worksheets mentioned are not the same!! There are two!!
4.Chinese WB to be done till page 55
5.History Complete the table about contributions of settlers
6.ADMT finish your Individual Design Journal if not done so
All the best! :) 
comment if i have forgotten anything

Monday, 16 July 2012


Homework for today like i promised~
1.ADMT design journal, Tidy up the group work google doc
2.Science worksheet, deadline is by Thursday I think. Revision ^^
3.1&E the people appointed to go to shops to check out the prices, please do the job ^^ The rest, please check that you have paid the coupon and seed money.
4.Math worksheet given, The australia paper is optional. For those who still don't know how to do the math work given at the end of the day, please try to complete and revision~
5.Chinese lettle writing if you have not complete.
6.Please go to the class Facebook page and check out my posts about the I&E project.

Thank you guys so much ^^ Revise ok?
Have a great Monday~

SST Racial Harmony 2012 - CE Period, 16th July - Video Link

Hello Class,

You can view the video here. (Courtesy of Woodlands Secondary School).

The video is unlisted... so I'm only sharing the link.

I will update further instructions later.

Mr. Hiap

SST Racial Harmony 2012 - CE Period, 16th July

Dear students,

Please await further instructions from your teacher.  Your teacher will go through the CE lesson package with class.  Do click here to access the resources.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Chinese Weekend Homework

2)Google Site 中讨论逗号 “海外做义工” !

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Morning Assembly Arrangement for 13 July 2012 (Fri)

Please be informed that the morning assembly will take place in the classrooms on Friday (13 July 2012). Students are expected to be in class by 7.40 a.m. 

Students will use the time to complete the IP survey from 7.40 a.m. to 8.00 a.m. if they have not done so. 
Please refer earlier announcement on instructions about the IP survey. Students who have completed the surveys will proceed to do their reading silently.

Thank you.


1) Do research on science question (Is virus a living or non living thing?)
2) Read up on module 1 and 2 for IRS.

Please comment if I missed out any homework.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


1. Do finish ENTIRE History worksheet .
2. English Information Report Performance Task on Glog .
3. IRS Mindnote .
4. ADMT Keynote presentation.
5. Finish Geog journal ?

Monday, 9 July 2012

Homework for 9 july (monday)

Okie now my turn. XD

1) ADMT finish the question for your chapter in a keynote presentation and screenshot it. Post it up to the facebook page. More details like what your question is, is on the ADMT fb page.

I dont think anymore, if have correct me.

~No math hw~

Good Project Management Slides

This is the slides Clemens and I present today!Enjoy!

Friday, 6 July 2012


English: Bring camera ( may be a phone camera, digital camera, or a professional one) on Monday
Maths : Ex 6.2 (Book A) 1-6
IRS: Check your IRS blog, your Blog Manager should've given instructions!

Thursday, 5 July 2012


History: Live of Japanese people after WW2
Science: Worksheet
IRS: go to the website provided in the slides, complete reading and understanding module 1 & 2.
Others: Do IP survey on googlesite .

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Okay people. I'm sorry okay . I'm very sorry okay.

1. ADMT 10 questions .
2. Science Worksheet
3. Chinese Woekbook until pg 40 , and the newspaper pg 18
4. English Photo captions

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


1. Geography- Complete Geography Journal, sources : Britannica, Youtube, BBC, www.Todaysmeet/ge105
2.History -Journal Google Earth Part.
3.Science -Blog, worksheet complete those that we have experimented.
4.English- write an information report about Palawan Beach/Siloso Beach. (DUE BY FRIDAY)

Character Education (CE) - Mon, 25th June

Hello S1-05,

The following were discussed during Mon, 25 June CE lesson:

i) Opinions / Feedback for first 6 months at SST

ii) 5Ps:
  • Punctual and bring an enjoyable book for reading period(s)
  • Present for all lessons
  • Participate positively

iii) School-Parents' Meeting: Wed, 27th June
  •  Mr. Hiap and Ms. Zhao met with most parents to provide feedback about your study methods, habits, how you fared compared with the mean / median for Sec 1. Both of us enjoyed meeting with your parents and
  • Do check your parents sign on the Report Slip.
  • Review and clarify the areas of difficulty that you are facing.
  • Minimize distractions with the objective to improve your foundation.

iv) Any Other Business (AOB)

  • Discipline Issues
  • Latecoming Issues
  • Use of proper language as an SST student and as an individual.

v) E.Q vs I.Q: Having Emotional Quotient is more important than having a high Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Homework for ahhh yesterday.

Okie clemens here da homework for yesterday is... (bam ta dss)
1. IRS create blog and post up the 4 questions on the powerpoint slide that has been uploaded to google sites.
2. Science blog: record your findings on the blog. Detailed instructions can be found on the science blog.
3. Math book 1A do exercise 6.1 questions 1 and 2  >:)
Please write in comments if i missed!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Homeworkkk :D

26 June .

Science - Science Blog
ADMT - ADMT Facebook Page, link to the other ideas ( )
Maths - Ex 5.4 Question 2 , Ex 5.5 Questions 1 & 2 ~ Do in B book

And Chinese compos for those who didn't do the holiday homework :0

Enjoy your awesomelyyyy short holiday !

Other events :
28 June ~ Priya's Birthday
29 June ~ Maiii Birthday
29 June ~ Youth Day Celebration in SST , You may wear your own clothes to school . For more information, go to .

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Collection of beige color progress report folder

Hello S1-05,

This is regarding the collection of the beige colour progress report folder for SPM next Wednesday.
All students are to bring the folders on Monday, 25 June and Marcus will collect them at assembly.

Also check that your thermometers are in working order. I will inform you when to bring the thermometers for the temperature-taking exercise.

Thank you.
Mr. Hiap

Monday, 14 May 2012

Please download the Academic Reflections here:





Health Check from 14-18 May

The School Health Service (SHS) team will be conducting Health Checks for our students from 14 - 18 May (Mon-Fri). Kindly take note of the following details for the required preparations & the class schedule. 
  • Participating Students: All Sec 1 & 2 and selected Sec 3 students
  • Requirements: Students to be dressed in their PE Attire
  • Room Location: Block C, #05-01
  • Instructions for the day: 
    • Class Chairperson/Vice-chairperson to organise their peers and lead them to the designated room on time for the Health Checks in PE attire. 
    • Chairperson/Vice-chairperson is to inform the Nurse-in-charge of (i) absentees and (ii) students who are not dressed in PE attire for the checks
  • Absentees: Students who have missed their scheduled checks will be requested to visit the SHS team in the later part of the week. 
  • Health Booklets: 
    • Students who currently have foreign residency status are required to bring their Health Certificates/Booklets for the Checks. 
    • Students who are currently either Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents DO NOT have to bring their Health Booklets.
  • Subject Teachers: Subject teachers of affected classes are strongly encouraged to at least accompany their class students to the room allocated to ensure punctuality and good conduct while awaiting the checks. 
The revised schedule (after taking into account the Student Leader Investiture,) is attached, for your reference please.