Monday, 27 August 2012

Character Education, Fri, 24 Aug - Conflict Resolution

Hello Class,

The link for the film directed by Janet Perlman, an Academy Award-nominated animator here

Storyline: A simple dispute between two small animals grows into a violent struggle that disrupts everyone around them. As they battle over "territory," these two small animals realize that their conflict affects not just them, but their whole environment.

(1) What are the negative consequences of becoming 'stuck' in conflict?  
Negative emotions eg anger, frustration, everyone around (bystanders) get affected, damages self and others (relationship with others).
(2) How could the chameleons have changed the progression of the conflict before it does damage? Cooperate instead of competing.

(3) What is the difference between competition and cooperation in interpersonal relationships?
COMPETING: I Win/You Lose “My way or the highway.”
COOPERATING: I Win/You Win “Let's both try to get what we need!”
Point out that the more they compete, the more they lose!

(4) What are the benefits of cooperation, instead of competition?  
Win-win situation, positive emotions, encouraging

(5) What are the different roles played out in a conflict?  
Disputants, bystanders, mediators
(6) Can you identify the 'disputers', 'mediator', 'bystanders' and 'mediators' in the film?

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