Friday, 17 August 2012

Level Test 4 Schedule (updated)

Hello All,

The schedule for Level Test 4 is as follows:

Time: 0745 to 0845hrs
Venue: S1-05 Classroom

Wed, 22: Math
Thurs, 23: Science
Fri, 24: English
Mon, 27: Integrated Humanities

Lessons will resume from the first period after the Level Test. So do pack your bags as per normal. Each lesson time will be reduced by 5 minutes to accommodate this arrangement.

Manage your time wisely during the upcoming long weekend! Put aside your distractions (e.g. laptop for non-study purposes, novels, etc...), have a study plan and remember to get enough rest.

All the Best!

Mr. Patrick Hiap

PS: Do check your Sports and Wellness blog (here) by Friday for your upcoming 'Health and Wellness' digital poster assignment.

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