Friday, 2 November 2012

Class Activities: Fri, 2 Nov

Hello All,

Things that NEEDS to be done on 2nd November 2012, 8am - 11 am

*Suggested break time: 9:30 am to 10:00 am

  • Ensure that lockers have been cleared out, and cleaned, and left unlocked before 9am. (Nothing inside or on top of lockers; to be left open for visual inspection)
  • Ensure that all the cupboards in the classroom have been cleared out, and cleaned.
  • Ask students to reflect upon the past year / 2 years and to share what they are grateful for in 2012. Click Here to deposit your reflections by 9:30 am before the students go for break. The reflections will be shared during assembly at 11.10am.
  • Return all scripts and awards (Australian Mathematics Competition) if necessary.
  • Remind all students to return all library book
  • Class Bonding Time (Suggested activity, Class Party. FTs please feel free to amend)
  • Ensure that the classroom is clean by 10:45 am. 
  • Classroom cleanliness
    FTs: Please ensure that the classroom is restored to its original clean state before students are dismissed for holidays. Please ensure that the class cupboards are cleared as well.

    Form Teachers please visually check that lockers are cleared of all belongings, and are restored to its original clean state. This is to be completed by Friday 2 Nov. Please do a visual inspection of all the lockers and make sure that they have been emptied of all belongings, and left unlocked.

    11am - 12noon: Final Assembly (Only For Sec 1 + 2s only)
    1100 - 1110 Looking Back (Thomas sort it out jamal) - Photo Montage
    1110 - 1120 2012 Reflections @ SST
    1120 - 1135 Principal’s address
    P may wish to talk about:
    Make full use of the holidays to relax and to unwind
    Take some time to consolidate your learning, as well as to revise and ensure that you are ready for the next year.
    Each new year will bring new challenges, and it’s important that you try to “catch up” - otherwise you’ll be starting the new year behind.
    1135 - 1150 Presentation by S2-09 about appropriate conduct of SST students during holidays
    DM’s talk - SPF advisory
    1. Students to remain vigilant and continue to deter crime.
    2. 2010 Downtown East rioting incident: while rioting/gangsterism etc may seem far-fetched for SST, it is a stark reminder that we should choose our friends carefully and use the holidays wisely
    3. Avoid being victims of crime. Be alert, do not flaunt your valuables and take care of belongings (wallets, LDs etc).
    4. Reminder to be in appropriate attire and grooming when coming back to school during holidays
    1150 - 1200 Testing out sitting arrangement for 2013 (i.e. squeeze Sec 1 + 2s into half the MPH) -
    Facing the stage - Sec 1s on the left, sec 2s on the right, 2 rows per class (register #1-12, followed by #13-24) with an aisle between Sec 1s and Sec 2s.
    1200 - 1201 Announcement - Sec 1s to meet at ISH next Monday by 0840 (in SCHOOL UNIFORM). Next week’s programme is service learning and digipen visit.

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