Monday, 1 October 2012

End of Year: Exam Briefing

Hello Class,

In addition to your level-wide briefing at the Multi-Purpose Hall,

I have included a few of my personal exam preparation notes below:

The link for your upcoming exams here.

Exam Briefing
·      If you are unwell, make sure MC provided the next day.
·      Friday: clean-up session
·      Late-comers: allowed to sit for the paper, no extra time will be given
·      Check attendance – strictly no parent’s letter
·      Stationary should be in clear pencil case / Ziplock bag.
  Bring your EZ-Link card as a proof of identification and bring your own stapler. 
Pack your stationary this weekend! Double check all pens in working order.
Arrive SST early! Avoid last minute jitters (peak hour traffic jam, bad weather, breakdowns, etc…)
Go to washroom in advance!
Organise your notes, organise your room – clear distractions, use of files and neatly file your stuff.
Relaxation Techniques – remember to relax, deep breathing, calm music, go for a short jog
Review Techniques – write your own notes (I wrote my own notes and folded the A4-foolscap by half to revise on buses and the MRT.
Target Setting – What are the grades you want to achieve? Set reasonable targets. (Without a target, you are like a rudderless ship.)
Read all instructions of the paper.

Do your best!

Mr. Hiap

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