Saturday, 1 September 2012

September Holidays Homework

1. Maths Homework 1(Ratio, Rate and Speed)
2. Maths Homework 2 (Expansion and Factorisation)
3. Science Homework (Transport in Humans-Blood and Blood Vessels)
4. Meet up with partner to finish up the Ergonomics part for ADMT Group Design Journal
5. Finish up with I&E Googlesite and CPS Report
6. Download and fill in the IRS Proposal Template form googlesite and make a video presentation
7. Do a digital poster for the S&W Assignment
8. Sign Science Level Test 4 paper
9. Do filing for Science (Biology)
10. Maths Performance Task
11. Revise and go through all the study notes, worksheets, homework etc to prepare for End-of-Year Exam

Please comment if I missed out on any of the homework, thanks! :)

Take care of your body, and do no harm to yourself, to others and to the school.

"Enjoy" your holidays peeps!

Cheers! :D

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