Monday, 9 January 2012

Communication Task By Gavin (22)

1. Communication is important because it allows us to communicate with others in one way or another. E.g. By e-mail, letter, messaging, cellphone, verbally etc. We need communication to do a lot of things like when doing project work, playing team sports, chatting with family, hanging out with friends etc.

2. My favourite form of communication is through sms because it is much more faster, in my opinion, to get a reply from the recipient. It is also very convenient as we can message our friends at anywhere and anytime of the day.

3. To decide which form of communication to use is crucial as we must first know what kind of handicap problem(s) that person has/have. Then, use the correct form of communication to communicate with that person. E.g. If the person is deaf, we must use sign languages or writings.

4. There are many different difficulties that I face when communicating with others. E.g. When a person is depressed about a close kin who had just passed away, it is very hard to communicate with that person because it takes a while for him/her to get over with it. So, we should console or wait for him/her to get over with it before verbally communicating with that person.

Done by: Gavin
Thank you!

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