Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Getting to know Ethan Ng(Left), Lim Yan Zheng(Middle) and Marcus Chan(Right) from S1-05.

I am born on January 16th, 1999. I enjoy playing any sports except for soccer. I especially hate Manchester United because my dad supports it! However Yan Zheng and Ethan support Manchester United. I love reading and reads adult fiction. I only read books from James Rollins who is my favorite author, whom my mother introduced to me. I have stayed in China for 1 year and went to an international school, which is why, if you listen well to me you can here a bit of my American accent. I have good communication skills and have competed in debating competitions likes Wits And Words. I also can act and have went for Odyssey Of The Mind recently. I may not know much about the members of my class, but I think Mt class is awesome!!!

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