Monday, 30 January 2012

Getting to know you...

Hello Sec 1-05,

The quote from Dewitt Jones: 'You will see it when you have believed it'. As a National Geographic photographer, his assignments was to look for what's right in the world.
You can watch his video here.

By planning for your year ahead, you learn to 'believe your goals' by working towards it.

Kindly email Gavin / Luke your latest email address (avoid changing your email address so you will not miss receiving important documents).

Luke / Gavin will share with you the document 'Getting to know You'. (It is shared on Google Docs).

After adding information about yourself to the document, kindly email it to:

Date Due: Tues, 31 Jan.

(Oh, BTW... I found my VGA adapter... phew...)

Thank you.
Mr. Hiap


  1. Mr. Hiap, the document doesn't need to be sent i think, since its shared, how is it going to be done? When one of us edits it then its changed for everyone and you would just need one url link.

    By the way everyone my e-mail is , .

    1. You can 'Duplicate ' it.

    2. No worries, Luke.

      I received your 'Getting to Know You' document.

      Please help remind the class to email to me: by Wednesday, 1 Feb latest.