Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Homework (17th)

Science w/s Page 4 (Tomorrow submit)
Maths TB Exercise 1.1, Q9d, 9f, 12b, 13, 14, 18, 19a, 24a part 1, 24b (Tomorrow submit)
Chinese w/s, workbook Page 1-3, Textbook fill-in the graph thing (Tomorrow submit)
ADMT post Elements of Art on Facebook page (Tomorrow submit)
English presentation ''How do we become better language learners'' 5% of CA marks (To be presented on Thursday, Friday)

Remind me if I missed out any of the assignments.
Thank You! :D


  1. The science worksheet is it the worksheet teacher gave us last week. I do not understand what do you mean by post elements of art for ADMT. Have you selected people for the Exco committee. I want to be in the NE committee. I did not come to school as I was having fever. I am not sure if I would be able to come to school tomorrow. If I am not in school tomorrow please tell that I am having a viral fever. Thank you.

  2. No. It is the 1 tcr gave us today. but you were not here

    p.s. remember to bring your acknowledgement slip tomorrow.

  3. Hey, is the ADMT homework that you stated for those who did not post during the class? Thanks in advance.

  4. Its group work so whoever should post will have to post

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