Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Reflection from Marcus Chan Reg No.10

Only have a pic of 2 of my friends, no others because I did not take any pics, sorry if this is too wordy... :P
1. My first impression of the school, was that the seniors were friendly, and greeted me with a smile the moment I entered. This gave me a sense of warmth that the I was already part of the SST community. This felt awesome!

2. My goal is to make more good friends like the ones in the picture, and more to come. I also want to be responsible for my actions and respect my seniors and peers around me. I want to become strong physically and mentally and I want to excel in my academics.

3. I want to know more about my friends' hobbies and the people in their family. I want to know what CCAs they are in and I want to help them in every way I can.

4.SST is a community because the people in it respect each other and maintain positive relationships with each other to become a community.

5. SST is different from other communities because we maintain close relationships with each other and reflect upon our actions.

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