Saturday, 7 January 2012

Reflections for orientation camp. By Yan Zheng

Day 1:

I was shy and not quite ready to open up to my classmates. I feel that we should open up to other people more not just to our classmates, but to people from different classes.

Day 2:

I was more adjusted to waking up early and am familiarised with the school layout. I was also more able to mix and talk to different people. After hearing about the 10Cs I was aware of how naughty I was in the past and now I would like all of you to help me be a better person.

Day 3:

That day I learnt a lot on teamwork and communication. I think during games discussion only one person should speak at a time and at the end everybody gets the right to vote on which idea or plan is the best. During the night walk, I learnt that we should trust each other, the teachers and the PSLs that they will do us no harm even when we are helpless.

Day 4:

Today is a proud day for everybody as they will be putting on SSTs school badge. I was very worried on the class video and was unsure how it will come be honest, I was actually quite relieved when Mr Denis said that the video would not be presented to the parents. Overall I am proud of SST

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