Sunday, 8 January 2012

Reflections of the Sec 1 Orientation By Ming Hui (04)

Day 1
Goal as an SST student- Live up to my fullest potential, Help others as well as myself, Excel in Science and Technology, Improve the environment in Singapore, Explore various Sciences, Learn new things, Get good grades for O'levels.

Day 2
Classmates, are they cooperative? Why?- Sometimes yes, at times, no. We ignore the PSLs MOST of the time and have our own conversations. The PSLs tend to lose control of the class easily due to our playfulness. For that i pity them.. :/

Day 3
2 strengths and weaknesses of the class- Hmmm. Strengths- Teamwork and Communication? Weaknesses- We move quite slowly, Do not hold much respect for the seniors. Erm. Can i state one more? Some rejoice in failure. :$

Day 4
Most memorable activity of the whole Orientation- The game involving cups, because the scolding that we got from the Seniors woke most of us up. Ok, Let's just say hopefully it did.

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