Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Sec 1-05 Class Sub-Comms

Hello All,

After soliciting feedback from teachers and your classmates, I have decided to propose the following for the class sub-committee:

  • English: (Mr. Nooh to decide - Selected english rep to inform Mr. Hiap)
  • Math: Yadi
  • Science: Minh Tri
  • CL: (Mother Tongue to decide - Selected english rep to inform Mr. Hiap)
  • Sports & Wellness Rep: Yan Zheng / Ian
  • ADMT: Ming Hui
  • Welfare: Clemens / Wai Yan
  • Geography: Priya
  • History: Jia Yi
  • Cyber Wellness: Luke / Gavin
  • National Education Reps: Reuben / Netraa / Yun Shu
  • Environment Rep: Daniel / Zhen Haw
My wish is that our class will take pride and be a role model for others. The class committee and sub-committee have an even greater responsibility to lead through service. Work together with all in the classroom let's bring Sec 1-05 to greater heights!

Even though your name may not be reflected, I believe that each of you are special. Throughout the year, there will be projects and opportunities for you to develop your skills. Surface your names to me if you are interested.

Take note that the new timetable reflects a change in time only (lessons starts 5 minutes later). This is to account for time to walk from the assembly hall to the classroom block.

You are reminded to proceed to the class venue briskly and to prepare for lessons before teacher arrives in the classroom.