Tuesday, 6 March 2012

HW (07)

IMPORTANT: All 'Warm Fuzzies' envelopes are to be displayed in the class by TOMORROW. If you forget, prepare to be chased by a wild lion from Africa.
SCIENCE: Complete 05 Worksheet: Moment and Homework 4 Moment. ( Deadline is Thursday)

MATH: Do Activity 2 which information is posted on the Math Blog and do finish the classwork on the Approximation & Estimation.

CHINESE: Do mind node and write the compo about the topic given, more information in the chinese blog. Remember to submit the mind node by thursday to the submit folder with the mind node name: 105_name_zwz (I'm not sure because I could not see the board clearly. correct me if i'm wrong)

HISTORY: Remember to do Dipity timeline (Deadline is... quite far away.)

GEO: Read up and do from pg 2 to 17 ( Deadline is Thursday)

S&W: Edit the video we did today. Video must clearly show:
1) correct throwing / jumping / passing technique.
2) Subtitles
3) Normal speed and Slow Motion

Thursday Reminder: Everyone is to bring along a rag. Do check that the cupboards, floor and waster-paper bins are cleaned.

Today got so much homework T.T Ethan you can take a break from posting homework for today.


  1. Thank you eunice! The chinese homework must name the mind node 105_name_zw2

  2. Isn' t there english? The Summary Writing 4? Do we have to do that?

  3. summary writing must do???wat summary writing?

    1. What we downloaded from the SST Google Site. Mr. Nooh asked.

  4. Haha... Thanks, Eunice.

    Please start to bring home some items from your locker today so tomorrow you will not be overloaded.

    Mr. Patrick