Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Instructions for S&W Peer Assessment

Hello S1-05,

Video recordings of your peer to be edited with the following:

Crop video to show javelin / shot put throw, baton passing, high jump.

Upload the video at the following:
Date due: Tues, 13 March. I will have Gavin and Luke to be Co-authors. Please add yourselves to access the class S&W blog.

Video must clearly show:
1) correct throwing / jumping / passing technique.
2) Subtitles
3) Normal speed and Slow Motion

I understand from Mr. Lam that High Jump was not carried out correctly (e.g. jump incorrectly with both feet). I will revisit the lesson in Term 2 (if the class is co-operative for NAPFA training).

I will be adding the checklist for: Javelin / shot put throw, baton passing, high jump by Wednesday, 7 Mar.

Mr. Patrick Hiap

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  1. Mr. Hiap, if you have made us co-authors we would not be able to add them. Only people with Administrator Rights can do that I think.