Thursday, 1 March 2012

Sec 1 S&W Peer Assessment: Track & Field

Sec 1 S&W Peer Assessment Track & Field guidelines:

Next Tuesday, 6 March,

1) Students to work in pairs and select their indicated Track & Field event from the following for Peer Assessment:

- Shot Put (Grass patch)

- Discus (Grass patch)

- Javelin (Grass patch)

- High Jump (Hall)

2) Each student pair to bring:

  • 1 video device (no handphone cameras due to low res & file transfer issues) to record and film their peers performing the sport. USB cable to transfer file.
  • Assessment checklist: to be uploaded to class blog on Friday, 2 March.

3) Students would be given 30 minutes (9:00 to 9:30am) to do the filming and checklist for their peers. Ensure the video is clear and the whole sequence of event can be seen.

4) Last 10mins (9:30 to 9:40am), all students to gather at gym. All videos to be submitted to Ian's laptop. Each pair will also view their video on their on laptops.

6) Students to comment on their peer’s performance and evaluate their techniques.

7) Mr. Patrick Hiap will collect back the assessment checklist to look through and evaluate.


  1. Is there baton passing?

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