Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Information for SST Track & Field 2012

For SST Track & Field Heats, you are still allowed to participate (even if you have not signed up).
Ensure that you are not missing any lessons. If unsure, please check with your teacher for the affected lesson).

Make sure that you arrive at NUS High by 2:00pm (either by chartered bus or public bus or short walk to NUS High).

Please make sure that you report to Mr. Jerome Tan (Competitor's Steward) when you reach NUS High venue to inform him of your event and be in your S&W attire. (SST Track & Field Overall in Charge: Mr. Dennis Lam)

Tues (yesterday):
100m, 400m , 1500m, 200m.
C Div only: Sec 1, 2

Wed (today):
all B Div only: Sec 3

Friday, 13 April: all events at SST
Field events: Javelin / Shot Put / High Jump / Discus

Tues, 17 Apr:
200m, 800m
C Div only: Sec 1, 2

SST Track & Field Finals:
Wednesday, 9 May
Clementi Stadium

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