Monday, 14 May 2012

Health Check from 14-18 May

The School Health Service (SHS) team will be conducting Health Checks for our students from 14 - 18 May (Mon-Fri). Kindly take note of the following details for the required preparations & the class schedule. 
  • Participating Students: All Sec 1 & 2 and selected Sec 3 students
  • Requirements: Students to be dressed in their PE Attire
  • Room Location: Block C, #05-01
  • Instructions for the day: 
    • Class Chairperson/Vice-chairperson to organise their peers and lead them to the designated room on time for the Health Checks in PE attire. 
    • Chairperson/Vice-chairperson is to inform the Nurse-in-charge of (i) absentees and (ii) students who are not dressed in PE attire for the checks
  • Absentees: Students who have missed their scheduled checks will be requested to visit the SHS team in the later part of the week. 
  • Health Booklets: 
    • Students who currently have foreign residency status are required to bring their Health Certificates/Booklets for the Checks. 
    • Students who are currently either Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents DO NOT have to bring their Health Booklets.
  • Subject Teachers: Subject teachers of affected classes are strongly encouraged to at least accompany their class students to the room allocated to ensure punctuality and good conduct while awaiting the checks. 
The revised schedule (after taking into account the Student Leader Investiture,) is attached, for your reference please. 

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