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the four days of orientation 2012

Day 1
my first impression of set was that it was quite nice in its state-of-the-at had even some nice places for students to study in goal as a set student is not to mess around but to do well in my studies and achieve good results to get into a good school.

Day 2
today,the most memorable activity was the `amazing race'.its theme is china.we learnt about integrity and sportsmanship while playing a game that involves turning cups over.i feel a bit awkward around my new classmates as they are new to me and i do not know them yet.

Day 3
today we had another `amazing race' but the theme was set in egypt.we went to west coast park to play on a flying fox that was less than 1 metre above the ground.Ha Ha.

Day 4 
today is the last day of orientation and i feel that the most memorable thing in the whole camp is the water bomb game even though i got hit 10 seconds after the game started and marcus whacked me almost point blank.Yay.

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