Sunday, 8 January 2012

Reflections By Marcus (10) Day 3 And Day 4

Day 3.
Pen down a memorable situation where you think you have done well.
I think we worked pretty well when we went to West Coast Park for the Amazing Race. I think we worked well when we were supposed to climb up the Pyramid to find the numbers on papers pasted on the Pyramid. Four of us went up to look for the papers, we communicated very well to inform each other of the papers that were found and those already found. In the end, we won the other class, through teamwork and good communication, and for that, I was extremely proud of our class!

Day 4.
What is the most memorable activity of the whole Orientation?
It would have to be Precious Water Bombs in the Wet Games. I loved throwing water bombs at my friends, and I'm sure they thoroughly enjoyed throwing them too! But the best part was saved for last, when our PSLs got wet! Issac (PSL) threw a water bomb, which landed on Ruo Song's (PSL) back. That was awesome and I'm sure my fellow classmates enjoyed that too!

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