Sunday, 8 January 2012



Day 1 REFLECTIONS: my first impression of SST was that it has its share of fun and games, but when it came to work, the teachers were serious and strict. To me SST is an interesting school that is serious about its work but still allows the pupils to have freedom. My goal as an SST student is to uphold the principles, morals and beliefs of the school. I am not to disgrace SST nor be disappointed in it, but be proud of SST and anyone in SST. I would like to know the interests of my friends and whether they are boy-girl conscious as i find it quite ridiculous as sooner or later the boys and girls in S1-05 has to know each other and work together on a project and in the future too. The close relationships of the pupils and teachers helps to let us the pupils learn more, and that makes it easier for the teachers to teach us, overall SST is like a big family, having its share of joy and sadness. The difference between our SST community and other schools is that we use a learning device(macbook) unlike a few other schools that still uses textbooks.

Day 2 REFLECTIONS: The most memorable activity was the cups game as when we got scolded by the seniors on integrity and sportsmanship, it woke me up from my primary school life of being a child and thus getting the benefit of doubt on our behavior of games. Now, we are near the age of youths, where we must grow up with the right values. I cant speak for the rest whether they felt remorseful after the scolding, but i did, and i wish the others would too. Working with my new teammates would always be a problem at the beginning as we did not know each other that well, but given time we will be a great team. Most of my classmates were quite cooperative, leaving out the few that was not willing to work as a team.

Day 3 REFLECTIONS: A point where i think i have done well was when we were suppose to dig in the box for the right answer to the question, my team was quite content on the previous answer, but i kept digging further in till i found a more logical answer. My class worked pretty well together during the west coast race as we moved as a team and we voiced out our own opinions in the different games and settled on a final plan. The strengths of my class is that we could think of a good plan though we were in a rush or in a tight situation. The second point is we were fine in teamwork, but we lacked communication and the ability to completely agree on something. I am confident that i am a team player and will listen and do the orders of whoever is in charge.

Day 4 REFLECTIONS: The most memorable activity was the water games. The entire experience in SST is that the seniors would watch out for us even if we got on their nerves. I think the most important value is responsibility. As responsibility helps us in every way of life. I would rather have responsibility than obedience.

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