Friday, 27 April 2012

Common Test

Below is the Common Test Schedule for those who have not seen it.

Below is the topics tested for Science:

History Common Test:
4 Chronology Questions- Timeline ( BC, AD, Millenium, Century, terms) [ Study E-journal + Timeline
2 Short Answer Questions - Unit 2 Lesson 1, Textbook Chapter 2
2 Source Based Questions - Unit 2 Lesson 1, Textbook Chapter 2

Chronology- Data, Time, (Mathematics )
Short Answer Questions - PEEL

For Geography, We will be tested on:
-Natural Resources

Revision Tips
  • Go through the worksheets & homework that were assigned
  • Read the textbooks
  • Practice questions in the Workbook
  • For problem sums, go through the variety of questions presented in the workbook
  • Ask your teacher to clarify doubts - in person or via electronic means (e.g. email, facebook)
  • Do NOT leave your revision to last minute, as your 'helpline' may not be available at all times.

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