Friday, 27 April 2012

Topics to revise for Maths

For those people who are burning the midnight oil for the common test exams and did not write down the topics for maths for whatever reason, here are the topics for Maths.
1)Factors and Multiples
-Prime division
-Square root
-Cube root
2) Real Numbers
-Number line
-Type of Number
.Rational<------(Any number that can be expressed as a fraction)
.Non-terminating Decimals(recurring)
-combined operations of numbers
.Brackets first(inner most)
.Power or Root
.multiplication or division
.Addition and Subtraction
4)Approximation and estimation
-Decimal place
-Significant figure
.First s.f cannot be 0
.Place value
.Normal Number 1s.f
-Square Root
.Nearest perfect square
-Cube Root
.Nearest Perfect Cube
5) Statistics
-Bar charts
-pie chart
-Line Graph
-frequency table+Histogram(no gaps)
-Dot Diagram
-Stem and Leaf
6)Algebra(my personal favorite)
-Simple Expression
-Substitution of values into formula

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