Friday, 27 April 2012


1. History ~ Complete the 2 worksheets on Chronology and Founding of Singapore
2. Try to practise your Maths with Mr Ng's set of Questions that was given this week
3. View your answers on the Science Googlesite for the Homework and worksheets on Material Science, ECP, Separation Techniques and Other papers or Revision papers.
4. Revise for Chinese , especially the Email Letter Writing.

All the best everyone ! Even though common tests are next week, please don't stress yourselves too much ! Later someone gets sick and past it on to others.. Exams are important right ? But this is not the last one. There are still other exams . Take care of your health please . Don't burn the midnight oil either, if not you wouldn't be able to focus during the exam and fall asleep ( Ahem, like someone :/) . Common Test is 20% of our overall marks, so it is very important okay ? Don't take it too lightly, a mark can determine a grade drop and a grade improvement . Give it your best in everything you do (: ! Have a great weekend , studying ? Don't come late on any of the Exam dates, you would not be given any EXTRA time to complete your paper, so try to come about 15-20 minutes earlier before the start of the exam , eg. On Wed, come at around 7.20.


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