Saturday, 14 April 2012


* I have a reason for not posting this on Friday the 13th. And i've already mentioned it.

1. Geography book pg 40, 41 ( DEADLINE ON MONDAY )
2. English Resource NR09 Characterization Exercise -Download and complete from English Googlesite ( DEADLINE ON MONDAY)
3. Maths performance Task ( DEADLINE ON TUESDAY )
4.Chinese 听写 ( Until Chapter 8)

1. Science Consultation lesson on Monday (2-3pm)
2. History stay back on Tuesday ( 2-2.30pm)

Common Test Topics History:
1. Measuring Time ( Chronology ; different calendars due to cultural differences)
2.Founding of Singapore ( Concept of 'Founding'; Rightful founder of Singapore(Raffles or Farquhar)
Assessment format:
1.Short Answer questions (PEEL)
2.Source Based Questions (PEEL; Inference)

1. You might want to read on about the History of Singapore on our founding fathers (History)
2. Read through your science notes and jot down some of your questions you might want to touch on next Monday during consultation lessons.
3. How about finishing your ADMT Pt designs for Breadtalk first?

This time better do well for Common Test hor. We all know how we did in our level test. Those who did well in this level test, well, congrats, but this isn't the end. Push yourself further ^^ For those who didn't do that well or are not really contented with their results, try harder! Everyone has the potential to achieve their success. You yourselves should be aware of how time flies so quickly and i guess we have to learn to manage time well.. Spent less time on games ( I'm not saying that you cannot play) , just give your all for this okay? So that we can enjoy our holidays after that. ~I guess we just have to pray for our Math results T_T 

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