Saturday, 14 April 2012

It's overdued

WHO HAVEN'T PAST UP THE GIRO FORMS? There are still 5 OUTSTANDING forms that are not submitted to the General Office. Please be mindful that the Finance Department at the General Office needs to compile the forms to proceed with the GIRO deductions. Plus, we are probably the only class that has not passed up all the forms. Please hand in to Mr Hiap ASAP .


  1. Which forms I can't remember...

  2. Which forms I can't remember...

  3. We also dunno who sia. Like that how. --

  4. Hi All,

    I had to 'go hunting' for the last 5 forms... I shall not name names, but there should not be future delays for forms submissions, assignments, etc...

    Keep in mind that forms need to be processed, assignments need to be graded and returned, etc... Be mindful of the person responsible for the next step.

    Class, I will be posting up a relay list and roster list to allow a better routine. Tune in.

    Mr. Hiap